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Rhodeside Revival is Rhode Island’s local curbside composting program that brings your home’s food scraps away from the landfill, and into the garden.

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About Us

In 2013, three URI seniors decided to create a “compost club” with the intent  of reducing the extreme amount of food waste produced in the school’s dining halls. After graduating, the three amigos went on to different careers and experiences, although always coming back to the idea of continuing what they had started in college.

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We would be honored for you and your household to join our initiative to better the waste management practices of Rhode Island. Please provide us with the necessary information listed below to get started!

As of right now we are servicing these locations in Rhode Island:


East Bay Area

North Kingstown

Aquidneck Island

South County

Whats New!?

With great thanks to Clean Ocean Acces, we are excited to be a part of the upcoming “Healthy Soils Healthy Seas” project in Aquidneck Island. We will be partnering up with some of the industries finest to make an impact composting. To find out more please click the link below!


Of the average houshold's trash is compostable

Trucks bring trash to the Johnston Landfill daily

Years are estimated until our lanfill reaches capacity

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