About Us

How We Got Started:

In 2013, three URI seniors decided to create a “compost club” with the intent of reducing the extreme amount of food waste produced in the university’s dining halls. After graduating, the three amigos went on to different careers and experiences, although always coming back to the idea of continuing what they had started in college.

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Five years later, two of the three colleagues, Conor MacManus and Miguel Costa, have re-ignited their will and commitment to helping the environment. Rhodeside Revival LLC. was born out of the idea of providing a way to bring the community together in an effort to prevent waste from entering the landfill, thus lowering the amount of harmful gases going into our atmosphere and reusing food scraps rather than letting them rot in piles of garbage for years and years.

We are pleased to have you engage in a sustainable journey that will change Rhode Islanders’ relationship with how we dispose of our waste, and see the potential we have as a community to better our world for ourselves and for generations to come.

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Team Members

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Miguel Costa (Co-Founder)

Growing up in the Azores Islands of Portugal, from a young age Miguel has been in close contact with nature and developed a sense of caring for the planet and keeping it healthy and clean. After graduating from The University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Marine Biology and a B.A. in Spanish, he decided to become a language teacher while enjoying his free time in the outdoors surfing, mountain biking, or hiking. When his friends reached out and invited him to become part of this initiative, he did not hesitate to grab a chance at making a difference. Miguel’s focus is on customer relations, billing and operations.

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Conor MacManus (Co-Founder)

Conor is a very environmentally driven young professional who graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environment and Natural Resource Economics from the University of Rhode Island.. Along with managing Rhodeside Revival, Conor is also a Project Manager for Sol Power Solar Installations, a local solar company. Conor focuses on business development and outreach, helping to grow the business and its impact.

Ryan Swarz

Ryan Swarz

Ryan is our go to guy when it comes to large scale food scrap collections. Coming from a background in driving everything from race cars to box trucks, he knows how to handle our large commercial vehicle. Ryan takes care of collections from all local schools and restaurants from Providence to Charlestown. When Ryan isn’t on the road he is helping out with bucket washing, farm trips and weekly preparations.

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Miguel Arrenega

Miguel is our young buck, only 20 years old and he is already making a tremendous difference in our state. Miguel is on the road most days out of the week taking care of our ever growing residential customer base. Miguel joins Ryan on bucket washing and trips to the farm every week.

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Join the revival! Together we can make Rhode Island a greener, cleaner, and healthier state.