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May 28, 2020

We are excited to announce the opening of 5 new hubspot locations in Aquidneck Island, Jamestown and Bristol. This service is the continuation of Aquidneck Community Table’s excellent work for the past seven years hosting a drop off location at their Farmer’s Markets. We are thrilled to continue this service and expand it to other towns in Rhode Island. The groundwork done by ACT in educating and getting folks involved in responsible food waste diversion has laid down the foundation of our work going forward.

These hubspots are equipped with multiple 48 gallon bins, and each is locked with a code given to the participant upon signing up. The bins are emptied regularly by our partners at The Compost Plant, then hauled to Rhode Island Nurseries to be composted, thus avoiding the Central Landfill in Johnston.

Unlike our curbside collections program, Hubspot participants are responsible for their own containers to dispose of food scraps  (you can purchase a Rhodeside Revival bucket on our shop). 

Hubspots are located at McQuade’s Market in Jamestown, Halsey street in Newport, the transfer station in Portsmouth, and Clement’s market in Portsmouth as well. The Bristol location will soon go live. 

The Healthy Soils Healthy Seas subsidized rate will also apply to these locations, dropping the original price of $110/year down to $70. Please click the link below to find out more about the Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas project and how to get involved. – https://www.cleanoceanaccess.org/hshsri/