Healthy Soils, Healthy Sea’s Rhode Island Project:

The Healthy Soils Healthy Seas RI Project began in 2018 and is run by the Rhode Island based non-profit, Clean Ocean Access. The overarching goal of the project is to improve and protect ocean health, by educating, inspiring and empowering the community to foster environmentally responsible behaviors, with an initial focus on residential and commercial composting in Newport County, Rhode Island. HSHSRI works to implement a sustainable model that demonstrates the effectiveness, efficiency, and strategic benefit of diverting food scraps from our waste stream and increasing awareness of the connectivity of healthy soils and healthy seas.The 2020 goals are to advance the momentum established in the first year of the project and to achieve a diversion of 1,000 tons of food scraps from entering the landfill.

If you live in one of these participating areas, click the link below to sign up for a discounted subsidized rate:

Check out our partners that are making a difference

11th Hr Racing
11th Hr Racing

11th Hour Racing

From plastic pollution to climate change to the environmental impacts of our sport, our oceans are threatened. The clock is ticking. 11th Hour Racing works with the sailing community and maritime industries to advance solutions and practices that protect and restore the health of our ocean. Inspired by and furthering the mission of The Schmidt Family Foundation, 11th Hour Racing embraces sponsorships, grantees, and ambassadors who integrate sustainability into their values and operations while educating, innovating and inspiring people with the critical message of ocean stewardship. 11th Hour Racing’s tremendous support has been funding the Healthy Soils, Healthy Sea’s Initiative.

Clean Ocean Access

Clean Ocean Access formed in 2006 as a grass roots community-based environmental group and become a non-profit in 2014. The Clean Ocean Access is in Middletown, RI and the organization has a primary focus on Aquidneck Island and aiding in Newport County. Our mission is "Action today so future generations can enjoy ocean activities." Our three core programs are strongly held together by community events: CLEAN advances the wave of change to reduce marine debris on our shorelines by connecting the community with shoreline cleanup efforts and providing education for solutions to prevent the problem. OCEAN strives for permanent year-round clean water via sound watershed management (data collection, problem identification and corrective action). ACCESS is to protect, preserve, maintain and expand public access to the shoreline. All our programs are interconnected as we build friendships, develop positive energy, and promote stewardship, which are essential for our grassroots efforts and theory of change.

COA logo PNG
COA logo PNG
The Compost Plant Logo
The Compost Plant Logo

The Compost Plant

These guys have done it all! The Compost Plant collects food scraps from a variety of businesses, including higher education institutions, restaurants, and hospitals. They are handling the bulk of larger scale collections in the Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas RI initiative. TCP has been in business since 2013, and has focused on commercial collections and compost production and sales. Any collection that is 96 gallons or above is being taken care of by The Compost Plant.

Aquidneck Community Table

Aquidneck Community Table (ACT) works in many different ways to build our local food system: fresh foods at our farmers markets, community gardens, and school gardens; programs that inspire young people to love healthy foods; an annual food challenge to eat locally; and a food-scrap collection program to divert food from the waste stream. ACT has been vital in establishing the Hub Spot food scrap drop off program that we are excited to expand into.

Aquidneck Community Table Logo2