Our Services

Residential Retrievals

Whether you prefer weekly or bi-weekly pick ups, our team arrives at your home to take your food scraps and leave you with a clean bucket for the week ahead. Your food scraps will be revived into high quality compost, which will then make its way back to your garden, or to the schools, farms, parks and beaches of Rhode Island.

Weekly Pick Up Rates: $32/month

Bi-weekly Pick Up Rates: $23/month

Additional buckets for home or adjacent neighbor(s): 

2 – $52/month

3 – $68/month

4- $80/month

5 and over – Price of 4 + $8 for each extra (yearly participants only)


**Twice a year we return high quality compost to our customers to complete the cycle!**

**Lost/ stolen buckets are subject to a $5 fee.


Commercial Retrievals

We collect organics from schools and small businesses that accumulate food waste. Any way we can spread the process of composting we will! Pricing will vary depending on load size and business location. Some of our commercial partners are:

-Coffee Shops

-Bakery/Deli Shops

-Schools/Educational Institutes

-Office buildings

-Other small businesses

-Large barrels (32 gallon): $15 or $20 per pickup depending on location.

-Small buckets (5 gallon):

$8/week (1 bucket)

$14/week (2 buckets)

Additional $4/week per extra bin.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.


 We welcome any and all opportunities to work with local schools and universities to educate students on the vast benefits of composting food waste. Through these partnerships we will be offering hands on experience and internships to spread the knowledge we have gained over the years. We will also be donating compost to schools’ parks and recreational areas. 

Our work with local schools involves:

-Taking food scraps from lunchrooms and/or classrooms

-Providing hands on workshops and introduction to proper food waste management

-Setting up field trips to compost farm

-Teaching about on site compost possibilities

-Providing informational material to students and staff



What We Do

Here at Rhodeside Revival we bring sustainability right to your home! We operate a curbside composting program that brings your home’s food scraps away from the landfill, and into the garden. Our customers’ food scraps make their way from the driveway down to Earth Care Farm in Charlestown Rhode Island where it is revived into the states finest compost. From there we bring finished compost back to our customer two times a year to complete the cycle!

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