Curbside Pickup

Every other week, our team arrives at your home to take your food scraps and leave you with a clean bucket. Your food scraps will be brought to local composters, revived into high quality compost and make its way back to homes, gardens, schools, farms, parks, and beaches of our beautiful state and beyond.
Twice a year, 20 lbs. of finished compost is offered to our customers as a token of appreciation for your contribution to making our state a greener, healthier place to live. Compost drop offs occur in late March and late September.

Note: Collection days vary depending on location

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Curbside rates

A household of two averages one 5-gallon bucket every two weeks while a family of four normally fills two 5-gallon buckets every two weeks.

(1 month free)

1 (10 gallons/month)



2 (20 gallons/month)



Note: Have a large family and go through a lot of food scraps? Adjacent neighbors on your street or apartment building who also want to participate? Contact us for information on additional buckets and fees.

Buckets left out for long periods of time may get lost or stolen.Please keep your bucket in safe place to avoid others, or the wind, from taking it.
We are happy to replace a stolen or lost bucket for $7

Drop off hubs

Our newest community composting effort is focused around drop off areas, where you can participate by bringing your scraps to a determined location in your town. At these locations, there are multiple bins where you can dispose of your food scraps from dawn to dusk, and at your own convenience! These hub spots are protected with a code entry, allowing only members to access it. This will prevent contamination and irresponsible disposal of waste.
Drop off hub service offered at $110/yr ($9/month).
Participants are responsible for their own bucket/container dedicated to scraps.

Need a bucket? Add a 5-gallon bucket with a lid at check out for only $7

Hubspot locations

Live in Aquidneck Island, Jamestown, or Bristol?
Take advantage of the Healthy Soils Healthy Seas Rhode Island program!

The Healthy Soils Healthy Seas RI Project began in 2018 and is run by the Rhode Island based non-profit, Clean Ocean Access. The overarching goal of the project is to improve and protect ocean health, by educating, inspiring and empowering the community to foster environmentally responsible behaviors, with an initial focus on residential and commercial composting in Newport County, Rhode Island. HSHSRI works to implement a sustainable model that demonstrates the effectiveness, efficiency, and strategic benefit of diverting food scraps from our waste stream and increasing awareness of the connectivity of healthy soils and healthy seas.The 2020 goals are to advance the momentum established in the first year of the project and to achieve a diversion of 2,000 tons of food scraps from entering the landfill. By clicking the link above and becoming a member of the program, you qualify for discounts for our services!

Commercial Collections

We provide collection services to schools, offices, restaurants, and other types of businesses. Frequency of commercial collections can vary depending on need and location. Small buckets are great for office buildings and small kitchens, while our 32 gallon bins are ideal for larger restaurants or other institutions.

Main entarnce

Commercial rates

Per pickup

3 buckets (15-gallons)


4 buckets (20-gallons)


Large bin (32-gallons)


Some of our amazing partners

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Have a party, wedding, festival, or any other celebration coming up? Want to make it zero waste? We provide special services for all sorts of gatherings.